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Amazing Smoothies - anywhere
from the experts in IQF frozen smoothie ingredients

Welcome to Life Smoothies and Smoothie Solutions. We are specialist manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of branded and private label IQF frozen smoothie packs. We supply delicious, easy to sell, amazing smoothies to retail and wholesale food-service professionals and distributors in fifteen countries and three continents. We start by creating 100% natural smoothies with incredible flavors. We supply our amazing smoothies at competitive prices – and we provide you with outstanding customer service.
We are different from other suppliers.

Our smoothies contain unique mixtures of real fruits and berries, which are deep-frozen at – 20º C to preserve all of the natural goodness of the ingredients. We pack these exclusive recipes into individual sachets. To prepare, take one of our frozen smoothie products from the freezer, add to a blender with fruit juice or yogurt, mix and serve! It takes just 30 seconds to prepare, and our made-easy technology guarantees a fantastic and delicious smoothie every time. Our smoothies are perfect for any food-service outlet.
Our smoothies are amazing.

Life Smoothies – Where success is natural

Pure, natural
and delicious

Prepared in just
30 seconds

Tried and tested,
fantastic recipes

No added sugars
or artificial ingredients

Our Smoothies are prepared with Love

We manufacture every smoothie to one of our secret recipes that we have developed over many years. We have more than fifty 100% natural fruit and vegetable smoothies available. We have been at the leading edge of the smoothie sector since 2008 and we have learned which smoothies are the most popular. We invite you to taste any other smoothie from any manufacturer – and then taste a smoothie from Life Smoothies. We guarantee you will taste the difference. We prepare our Smoothies with the highest quality fruits, berries, and vegetables, which we source from many countries around the world. You can taste the Love.

But we don’t just manufacture and supply amazing smoothies. If you are a food service professional, we will help you to sell them too! Our customers have immediate access to our team of marketing professionals who know the smoothie market inside out. We provide loads of free advice plus world class menus and publicity – 100 % free of charge. The demand for healthy food and beverage options has never been higher. And we’ve made it easy for any coffee shop or snack bar to integrate freshly made smoothies into their menu easily. Smoothie Solutions brings amazing smoothies from around the world to your customers. We invite you to join us.

Freshly made smoothies for you and your customers

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie using our frozen smoothie ingredients


Our frozen Smoothies are great for your health – and great for your business

We pack every one of our smoothies into individual sachets, each of which contains exactly the right amount of fruit to make a 400ml smoothie.

We prepare every smoothie using one of the secret recipes that we have developed in conjunction with our highly trained team of in-house taste-ologists.

We have made it incredibly easy for the staff of any food and drink outlet to prepare and serve a 100% natural and freshly made Smoothie – in about the time it takes to make a coffee.

No cutting fruit, no waste – and the margins on one of our IQF frozen Smoothies are better than any other soft beverage.

We invite you to join the network of successful Smoothie Solutions customers – and maximize your margins from day one. We aim to be your smoothie supplier. We hope you will be a lifelong customer, and we will treat you that way. We are different.


IQF frozen Smoothie pack features

  • Delicious, real fruit & vegetable Smoothies, freshly made in 30 seconds.
  • Multi-award winning IQF frozen Smoothies packed into ready-to-use sachets.
  • Our products have no added sugar, preservatives, colorings, or artificial ingredients.
  • Our smoothies are bursting with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
  • Deep frozen IQF technology locks in the natural goodness of the fruit.
  • We offer world-class publicity and expert marketing support – totally free!
  • We offer competitive prices throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and the Middle East.
  • White label / Own brand IQF frozen smoothies for food-service retailing chains, partners, and distributors.
  • We have twelve years of experience at the leading edge of the IQF frozen smoothies market.
  • We have been at the forefront of the smoothie sector in Europe, Scandinavia, and the Middle East.
  • Smoothie Solutions and Life Smoothies offer quality products, great prices, a reliable manufacturing service, and excellent customer support services.

Rapid, reliable
and friendly deliveries

Free Marketing
Support and POS

Competitive prices
and premium quality

Dedicated Customer
Success team

Here is what our
customers say
about our smoothies . . .

Life Smoothies is a manufacturer, distributor and supplier of
100% natural frozen ingredients for smoothies. We love what we do.

Every Smoothie from Life Smoothies is packed into a ready-to-use sachet and contains the very best quality ingredients. The majority of our fruits and vegetables are grown naturally in the open air and are harvested, washed, prepared, and rapidly frozen, typically within 2 – 4 hours of picking. We will often purchase the entire seasons’ crops from our growers and partners to ensure that we have access to the highest quality fruits and vegetables all year round.

We do not add sugar, flavorings, or colorings. We will never use cheaper fruit pulps or Grade B products – only pieces of whole, unpasteurized, frozen natural fruit. We select the highest quality ingredients, which have great taste and appearance. Our smoothie products are packed in modern high tech production facilities. Our unique tried and tested flavors result in smoothies that have a great appearance and an amazing taste. They’re simply delicious.

High-quality products, excellent prices, reliable, world-class customer service.
Life Smoothies. We are different.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Middle East, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, U.A.E, United Kingdom

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