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Why do our smoothies taste so good?

Each of our smoothies is produced from a unique blend of the highest quality, frozen fruits and berries that have been grown naturally outdoors, and then harvested, cleaned, prepared and frozen, usually within two to four hours. Our smoothies are mixed according to our award-winning, amazing recipes, then they are packed into ready-to-use sachets. Simply empty the contents of one sachet into the blender – add fruit juice, mix and serve. It takes just 30 seconds.

We add no sugar, flavourings or colourings. We only use pieces of unpasteurized rapidly-frozen fresh fruit – we never use cheaper fruit pulps. Our insistence on using the highest quality fruits and the latest technology in our preparation methods, results in a smoothie of premium quality and taste. They’re simply delicious! We invite you to try any other Smoothie,  from any manufacturer – and then try a Smoothie from Smoothie Solutions – you’ll taste the difference.

Life Smoothies – Where success comes naturally

100% Natural - Amazing taste

Our smoothies are produced in ultra modern facilities in Spain.
Here you will find some of our most popular smoothies.

Raspberry Passion

Raspberry · Blueberry · Banana

Blueberry Plus

Blueberry · Banana · Yoghurt

Strawberry Delight

Strawberry · Banana · Cherry · Papaya

Dance to the Beet

Beetroot · Strawberry · Carrot · Lemon · Papaya

Kiwi Cooler

Melon · Mango · Pineapple · Kiwi

Mango Paradise

Mango · Pineapple · Passionfruit · Lemon

Kiwi Cooler

Pineapple · Melon · Kiwi · Papaya

Green Power

Spinach · Celery · Broccoli · Mango · Banana · Pineapple

Papaya Playa

Papaya · Pineapple · Mango

Mint Surprise

(0% alcohol) Apple · Pear · Kiwi · Avocado · Mint

Veggie Fusion

Carrot · Apple · Mango · Papaya · Lemon · Ginger


Coco · Pineapple · Banana

Super Booster Green

Spinach · Soya beans · Whey protein · Pineapple · Banana · Spirulina · Chlorella · Chia seeds

Super Booster Red

Strawberry · Blueberry · Pomegranate · Whey protein · Spirulina · Chlorella · Hemp seed

We invite you to taste a smoothie,
from any other manufacturer . . .

then taste a smoothie from Life Smoothies

We guarantee you will taste the difference.

Where does our fruit come from?

Our smoothies are packed in Spain but the fruit that goes into our IQF smoothies is truly global in origin. To maintain the production of top quality smoothies throughout the year, we source our fruit from our partners all over the world.

Our fruits and vegetables are harvested at the optimum time when they are fully ripe and contain the maximum nutritional benefits. We purchase large quantities from our growers to make sure we have the highest quality fruits and vegetables, available for us, all year round.

We know that no damaged or poor quality, or under-ripe fruit will make its way into one of our smoothies, ever. Guaranteed.

All fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested according to the seasons. For example our strawberries are gown in one part of the world for several months of each year. Then we will source exactly the same variety, family and specification of Grade A strawberries from another part of the world, in the next growing season.

So we rotate the source of our ingredients according to the season. Here are a few typical countries of origin for some of our fruits. Remember though that we work with over a hundred different ingredients!













Quality guaranteed

The Technical Stuff . . .

Quality Assurance and full Traceability

Our fruit is cultivated according to agricultural practices that meet or exceed EU Health and Safety standards such as EUREPGAP. 

Our Smoothies have full EFISS / HACCP accreditation which guarantee the full traceability of all aspects of the fruit production, from growing to harvesting, from flash-freezing and packing. 

Information on the origin of the fruit, the methods of cultivation, the quality of the soil, the growers’ history as well as the specifications and quality of the fruit itself, are all rigorously checked and documented.

State of the art Production Facilities

Our production and packing facilities located in the EU and in the UK employ the very latest technologies and the latest generation equipment that has been custom designed for us to preserve the integrity and the quality of the fruit.

Our facilities meet all HACCP international standards and are accredited by all agencies appropriate to our industry such as the BRC and EFSIS. Our IQF Smoothies undergo continuous quality controls and food health and safety tests by in-house and independent laboratories.

We know what’s in every smoothie as our whole range has been analysed for nutritional content and has its own unique biochemical and nutritional profile

Contant Research

We are passionate about fruit and passionate about Smoothies – and we are always looking for ways to improve everything that we do.

We are involved in the continual research and development of new flavours and new products. If you have a great Smoothie recipe – we invite you to tell us about it.

We may end up making it – and if we do, we’ll give you 2,000 Smoothies for free! How lovely is that?


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